My core values are at the heart of all that I do. They are integrated into my daily work life and helps me to remember my customer always comes first.


Kind Words from Professionals, Clients and Students

“With a professional background as a flutist, Lynne is so connected with sound and the feeling of it.  I closed my eyes to really take in the sound each time she played a bowl, drum and gong.  I was so relaxed! I highly recommend Lynne and to take her up on one of her offers!”
Katie A.
“This was amazing! Please keep doing these sound baths – you’re amazingly talented!”
A. Ballantine
“I loved this! Your sessions offer peace and comfort, with hope and optimism through sound therapy.”
Vickie S.
“I cannot wait for more sound healing sessions with you! ”
Valerie V.
“I just had the most amazing experience! If you have not yet had the pleasure of a Sound Healing session, you need to book with Lynne Stukart as soon as possible. I was immediately transcended into a new energy that was both intense and soothing. Abundance flowed through me and I connected to Source almost immediately. I am totally blown away. If you are ready to level up, Lynne brings the sound frequencies that will bring you to the next level! Contact her for your own transcendence!”
Kendra H.
“You have done an unbelievable job with your students, Lynne. I fully expected you to do a fantastic job, but what you have done is nothing short of remarkable.”
David M.
“The depth of her knowledge, resourcefulness, compassion and caring sets her apart.”
Robert N.
“I have had many teachers but I can honestly say that the teacher who had the most impact on me, personally and musically, was Lynne. Each lesson was a lesson, truly, not just a lecture. Lynne didn’t just teach me how to play my flute properly but helped me to experience the music so that it had meaning for me personally. As a result, I have developed a life-long passion for music. I consider that to be an enormous gift and the direct result of my time with Lynne.”
Shalagh Frantz
“Lynne, you're awesome! I can honestly say you are the best teacher I've had. You've taught me so much and you've always been there when I needed someone to talk to. You have truly made a difference in my life.”
Kayla Jackson
“I only seek out the best for my kids and I am thrilled with Lynne as our teacher. We love her!”
Angela C.
The students I have had who have studied privately with Lynne Stukart have all improved their musicianship by leaps and bounds in a very short time. I have seen her do this repeatedly, regardless of the student’s age or ability. In addition to being a brilliant flute teacher as it relates to the technical and musical aspect of performance, she develops relationships with her students, that INSPIRES them to practice, love music, and be the best they can be. I without reservation recommend Lynne Stukart as an outstanding teacher!”
“You are such an awesome musician and role model. You really were one of the most positive influences in my life growing up. You always listened to me and never judged. All your students are so lucky to have you.”
Susan Snyder
“You do an amazing job shaping musicians into greatness. You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter.”
Rhonda K.
“Thank you for everything you do to promote the healthy culture of flute and music we enjoy in the Quad Cities.”
Benjamin Klemme, QCSO Associate Conductor
QCSYEs Music Director and Conductor
“It’s a joy to know you and a blessing to have you as my daughter’s teacher, and you are so much more than just that. You have become a great friend and a special role model for her. She will look back and remember you forever. God gave us a piece of sunshine when he directed us to you.”
Penny C.
“Lynne has always motivated me to practice and improve with encouragement rather than with a forceful lecture. Lynne offers captivating opportunities such as workshops and camps that not only improve technique, but are an exciting time! Lynne continues to inspire me every day with both her positive personality and our lively friendship.”
Brooke C.
“I miss your wisdom, your candor, your passion, and your tutelage. You always knew just what solution to utilize in order to get me past a learning blockage. On top of all that, you were a great friend.”
Ellen G.
“You're a phenomenal teacher and an even more fabulous person.”
M. Johnson
“As an outstanding pedagogue, Lynne Stukart has demonstrated her high level of skill through the performance of her students. Her preparation of her students does not end with the winning of the award; rather, she is there throughout the rehearsal process with the ensemble, assuring a polished performance. I continue to be amazed at the quality, musicality and professional attitudes of her students. All of these attributes are assuredly signs of superior teaching.”
“You are such an incredible woman and musician. I really owe so much of my ability from you and you continue to inspire me every day. When I'm hard on myself (especially now with juries coming around the corner), I think what would Lynne say and somehow, I calm myself down a little. I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me in the past five or six years. I will always remember how much of an impact you've made on me and I hope someday I will be a great teacher like you.”
Taylor Stone
“My talents as a flutist would have never been what it is today without Lynne. She definitely shaped me into a fantastic flute player. Since the beginning, Lynne has been encouraging of everything I did, whether it be music related or not. Even after I finished with regular lessons, we keep in touch. I am now playing flute on stage in pageant competitions, one of which I recently won! I know that I wouldn't have made it this far without her!“
Ariel Beverly, Miss Illinois 2019-2021
Miss Blackhawk Valley 2014, Art Educator
“Lynne Stukart is a consummate professional.  She is always completely organized, thoroughly prepared, and plays exquisitely.   I recommend Lynne unconditionally!”
Steven R Jobman, Minister of Music
First Presbyterian Church, Davenport, Iowa
“We just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful recital evening. We absolutely loved watching and listening to you play.  Wow! We were all speechless.”
T. Tilala
I got to church early this morning because I knew you were playing. WHOAH! You were absolutely inspiring! I started tearing up during the "Aria"…Stunning!
Linda Bengfort
“Your playing is exquisite!”
Rhonda Larson
Grammy Award Winning Musician
“Lynne plays with a glorious sound and heartfelt musicality. I was so pleased that she accepted my invitation to perform at the National Flute Association Convention. Her performance of the Gates Nocturne was intimate and very moving. Find out where she is performing and go hear her play!”
George Pope
Altus Artist
“Thank you so much for sharing your excellent playing talents with our two choirs. Your efforts give that extra touch to a wonderful evening of music making!”
Jon Palomaki
Choir Director and Professor Emeritus, Blackhawk College
“You are such a fine musician and great colleague.  Thank you for the time, effort and intelligence that you put into the wonderful performance.” 
Bruce Polay Professor of Music Emeritus
Knox College Artistic Director/Conductor, Knox-Galesburg Symphony
“Lynne is an outstanding musician with a phenomenal depth of tone quality I’ve never heard from any other flutist. In addition, she is an excellent educator and can communicate her own skills to others with empathy and encouragement. I highly endorse Lynne as a performer, teacher, and mentor.” 
Sara Clark